International Black Sea University is accredited and authorized higher education institution in Georgia, and offers 24-degree programs in English in three cycles: first (bachelor’s), second (master’s) and third (Ph.D.) in education and humanities, computer technologies and engineering, business management, and social sciences.

The list of Current Programs

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– Candidates who hold an appropriate graduation certificate can apply for the relevant degree program.

– English Language proficiency B1 required for Bachelor. B2 for Master Programs. An International certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, etc) that is equivalent to B1 and B2 is acceptable.

– Students who don’t have a certificate of English Proficiency, need to take IBSU English online text.

– There may be some program-specific requirements for Doctorate Programs. (C1 is required for Education Administration doctoral program.)

– Georgian citizens who completed at least one semester of their studies (staying for at least 75 days) abroad are also subject to the international admissions process (if they have successfully passed at least 1 course there).

A prospective applicant has to pass through the following steps to complete their admission. 

Go through the list of required documents.

Fill out the application form 

Sign the last page of the Georgian application form(over the line with the arrow). We need this to apply to EQE ( for recognition of your graduation certificate.

Applying for masters?

Send us a one-page motivation letter (why would you like to study at IBSU and Why do you choose that program to study?)

Applying for a Ph.D.?

Send us a research proposal.

Applying for Ph.D. in Education Sciences?

Send us an official document proving at least two years of experience in the field of education. English Proficiency for the PHD in Education and Humanities is C1. 

Health Insurance 

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, By the decision of Georgian Government (Rule #572), International students should have Health Insurance Policy during the whole study period, when they enter Georgia. IBSU can provide you with a service to get the Health Insurance Policy . 

You have free choice to buy the insurance policy from different Georgian companies.

Note1: The Policy should include COVID-19 services, and comply with the terms set by the Georgian Government.
Note2: Students must have an insurance policy during the whole study period!

For more information please contact us

We are currently accepting international applications for 

2024-2025 Fall Semester :

BA programs, 15.08.2024

MA and Ph.D. programs, 30.08.2024

Medical Doctor, 31.03.2024

We generally accept new applications up to 50 days before course registration.

The admission process normally takes around 2 months for the EQE (Education Quality Enhancement) and the Ministry to process the applications.

A student visa is a prerequisite for obtaining the student residence permit. After getting the student visa, the student should apply for a student residence permit immediately.

Required documents for a student residence permit are the following:

– Valid student visa/ Valid student residence permit

– Notarized translation of travel document/Passport

– Student certificate (Proving your studentship in Georgia)

– Bank statement (at least 4000 GEL)

– Biometric photograph (Can be obtained at Public Service Hall)

– Residence application fee (210 GEL)

– The application letter (Available at Public Service Hall)

Applicants will have to visit the Public Service Hall personally to submit all the required documents.

After the student has received official acceptance letter from IBSU, the applicant will have to obtain student visa for long-term stay in Georgia before their arrival.

For up-to-date information regarding visa issues, please visit the Georgian Consular website. You may also check with the web site of your country’s embassy in Georgia for further details.- Are you applying for Student Visa? Collect the following documents:
– Passport: Not Expiring in 7 months – 2 blank pages – Issued within last 10 years – Notarized translation

– Proof of accommodation(Hotel reservation or copy of a rental contract valid for entire stay)
– Health and accident Insurance (for 1 year)

– Biometric photograph (3X4, the electronic version on CD)

– Bank statement (at least 5000 GEL) – A letter of sponsorship (During your stay in Georgia-Notarized translated)

– Student certificate (Proving your studentship in Georgia) – Visa Application fee

– Create your own profile and on and upload all the documents

– Print out the online application form to be submitted with the rest of the documents

List of countries:  Check if your country is free of visa

List of countries:  Check if you are required to have a visa before coming to Georgia 

List of Georgian Embassy abroad: Check if You have Georgian Embassy/mission/representative in your Country for Visa Requirements

International Black Sea University has an agreement with a male-only student dormitory “International Tbilisi Dormitory”  with comfortable living conditions: three meals a day, medical assistance, sport activities, and rooms with high speed internet and technical assistance.

Price: 260$ monthly, (Please check the price with the Dormitory though WhatsApp)

Address: Eka Bezannashvili 4A, Tbilisi Georgia Telephone: Chat on WhatsApp with +995 574 03 10 58 , Viber, Telegram



Support and Services 

Free Sim Card

-Free Pick Up 

-Orientaiton session

-Free health check (Campus Doctor) 

-Excursions to sightsheeing 

-International Picnic 

-Cultural Programs 

-and More

Tbilisi is one of the safest destinations for International Students and is the friendliest city globally.  According to the current Numbeo Safety Index, Tbilisi has a score of 80 – ranking it at number 15 of 374 cities globally for safety.

The cost of living is detrimental to study, Aside from tuition fees, students should consider the local cost of living – including items like housing, food, and social life. According to the current Numbeo Cost of Living Index, Tbilisi has a score of 28.25 – ranking it at number 321 of 476 cities globally for the cost of living (the higher the ranking, the more expensive the cost of living is). In Tbilisi, Transportation, Food, other goods are among the affordable costs. 

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