Students and staff members who are willing to apply for any exchange program are welcome to contact

Bilateral: means that your tuition fee is only waived/covered by the Host University. You must cover your travel, accommodation, and other expenses. 

Erasmus+: means your all expenses will be covered and you will have a stipend for living in the host country 

Please note that student is not eligible to take more than 30 credits in one semester and can’t register in home and host university simultaneously 

Please note that students who are on exchange in framework of bilateral and Erasmus must pay their tuition fee. 

To apply for the Exchange program: Please visit our office room 217 A building  second floor

Exchange Requirement Documents to be sent:

  •  Student certificate
  •  Transcript of record
  •  Motivation Letter
  •  Passport
  •  Curriculum Vitae (Europass)
  •  Two references
  •  B1 English Certificate (students affairs)


Scholarship: Short-term (1-2 semesters) studies

Number of scholarships: up to 35


IBSU deadline: 24 April 2023

for the online application, submission is 8 May 2023.

Candidates will be informed about the selection results by e-mail no later than 1 July 2023.

Studies can be arranged: The list of Lithuanian higher education institutions and study programs of all study fields are available at

Scholarships for short-term studies in Lithuania are offered for candidates who are citizens of the following countries:

  • The Eastern Partnership countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia.
  • ASEM countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, China, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Lithuania’s priority export market countries: the USA, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Turkey, South Africa Republic.


The autumn semester in Lithuanian higher education institutions normally lasts from September until January and the spring semester – from February until June. In order to arrange studies in Lithuania and sign the Conditional Agreement, the candidate is advised to contact directly the International Office of the chosen Lithuanian higher education institution. Information about study programs delivered in the English language at Lithuanian higher education institutions is available online

Eligibility Requirements:

The candidate:
1. has to receive official approval of acceptance (Conditional Agreement) from the chosen Lithuanian higher education institution.
2. must be a citizen of the particular country mentioned in the list above.
3. must be a student of a higher education institution abroad.
4. has to have good knowledge of Lithuanian, English or another language required to study the chosen study program (the minimum of B2 level of study language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required).
5. Priority will be given to the applicants who are foreigners of Lithuanian origin. Candidates must submit a certificate or other document proving their Lithuanian origin, issued by the Lithuanian community of a respective country or other competent authority (such as an embassy or similar).

Note: priority equals to 1 extra point to the competition score of the selection.

Financial Provisions:

  • Candidates of the first and second study cycle, approved for the short-term studies, will receive a monthly scholarship of 490 EUR. Candidates of the third study cycle studies approved for the short-term studies will receive a monthly scholarship of 980 EUR.
  • The exact sum of the total amount allocated for the candidate will be calculated according to the number of days of the short-term studies, thus slight variations in the monthly scholarship might occur. The scholarship is intended to cover the scholarship holder’s expenses only. Additional amount for accompanying partners or family is not provided. Lithuanian state scholarship cannot be double funded from other sources, e.g. other scholarships or other academic exchange programmes.
  • Tuition fee for studies will be covered by the Republic of Lithuania and directly transferred to the Lithuanian higher education institution. The maximum amount of the tuition fee will be determined by the standard study prices that are approved by the Minister of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • More information about financial conditions.

Required Documents:

Candidates must provide the copies of these listed documents through the online application system:

  1. Completed application form (through the online application system).
  2. The Conditional Agreement for Studies (the form must be added to the application form as an attachment using this template form. (Please open in a new tab; if you are using Google Chrome browser, please open in a new window and press “Enter” on the address bar). It must be completely filled in and signed by three parties: a candidate, responsible persons at the sending and receiving institutions). The programme of short-term studies specified in the study agreement must consist of at least 30 credits per semester. It is not applicable for candidates of the third study cycle. Recommendations for filling out the Conditional Agreement (Please open in a new tab; if you are using Google Chrome browser, please open in a new window and press “Enter” on the address bar).
  3. One recommendation letter (provided through the online application system or added to the application form as an attachment. It is recommended to use this template form). (Please open in a new tab; if you are using Google Chrome browser, please open in a new window and press “Enter” on the address bar).
  4. Certificate of proficiency in English or Lithuanian (or another language required by the host institution) certifying a minimum of a B2 level of command of the language of instruction according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. TOEFL, IELTS, CPE or other widely recognized exams of English proficiency are acceptable. If the candidate does not hold any of those certificates, then a signed letter confirming the proficiency (a minimum of a B2 level) in the language from the home university’s professor of English or Lithuanian is also acceptable.
  5. Letter of motivation (must be filled in via the online application system).
  6. For foreigners of Lithuanian origin: candidates must submit a certificate or other document proving his/her Lithuanian origin, issued by the Lithuanian community of a respective country or other competent authority (such as an embassy or similar).

Required additional documents must be completed in English or Lithuanian language only (or with certified translations into one of these languages).

How to apply: contact: 

Erasmus Exchange Opportunity for Disadvantaged Background Students

Rzeszów University of Technology (Poland)

Student Number and Programs: 1 Student in Architecture Program,1 student in Computer Science Program

Deadline: 28.02.2023

Required documents for host university:

a scan of passport or ID card

  • passport-size photos (.jpg file)
  • Health Insurance (for the whole stay)


Akademia Mazowiecka w Płocku (Poland)

Student number- 2 students 

Programs: (BA):American Studies.

Duration of Study: 5 Months 

Deadline: 10.02.2023

Required documents for host university:

a scan of passport or ID card

  • passport-size photos (.jpg file)
  • Health Insurance (for the whole stay)


Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – IPB (Portugal)

Program- Informatics, Management

Student number- 1 students

Deadline: 10.02.2023


HTW Dresden (Germany)

Master Degree

Student number:3  students

Program: Informatics

Duration of Study: 5 Months

Deadline: 10 May 2023


ISAG – Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão (Portugal)

Programs: Management, Hotel Management, Tourism.

Deadline for applications: 31 October 2023

Student quota: 5

Semester: Spring Semester


Masovian State University (Poland)

Programs: Philology, IT (engineering), New media, Social work

Deadline for applications: 1 December 2022

Student quota: 4

Semester: Spring Semester (February-June)


Vistula University (Poland) 

Programs:Economics,Computer Science/Engineering,International Relations,Tourism,Philology.

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 2

Deadline of Vistula University:  15 November 

IBSU deadline for applications: October 31st, 


Cracow University of Economics (Poland) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, International Business and Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting

Students quota: 2

CUE Deadline 30th November 

IBSU Deadline: 10th November 


Kozminski University (Poland)

Programs: Management, Marketing, Economics, Law

 List of Courses 

Deadline for applications: 20.04.2023 for the Fall 23, 10.11.2023 for the Spring 24

Student quota: 2

Semester: Fall Semester (September-February 2022-2023) and Spring Semester


Lodz University (Poland)


Faculties: All  

Deadline for applications: 30.09.2023

Student quota: 10



HTW Dresden (Germany)

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2023

Semester:15 June (for the winter semester, late September 2023 – mid-February 2024)   15 November (for the summer semester, mid-March 2024 – end of July 2024)

Programs: Informatics and Business Administration


HTW Dresden (Germany)

Programs: Computer and Geoscience in Archeology

Faculties: Informatics, Mathematics, and Spatial Information

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2022

Student quota: 2

Semester: Winter Semester (September-February)


EPHEC University College (Belgium) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business and Economics

Students quota: 3

Deadline: 15 May for the Fall Semester (September – January) and the full academic year, 25 September for the Spring Semester (February – June)


UCLL University of Applied Sciences  Leuven Limburg (Belgium)


Faculties: Management, Technology, Social Work, Teacher Education

Deadline for applications: 1 May 2022

Student quota: 2

Semester: Fall Semester (19 September 2022 – 5 February 2023)


Metropolitan University (Czech Republic)

Programs:International Relations, International Business, Tourism, Anglophone Studies

Bilateral: The only Tuition Funded

Students Quota:2

Deadline of Metropolitan University (Czech Republic) October 10,

IBSU deadline for applications: September 20


Siauliai University (Lithuania)

Programs: Economics/ Informatics/Business, Management

Bilateral: The only Tuition Funded

Students Quota:2

Deadline of Siauliai University (Lithuanian) November 1,

IBSU deadline for applications: October 20,


Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) 


Faculties: Human and Social Studies, Public Governance and Business, Law School, Public Security Academy

Deadline for applications: 27 March 2023

Student quota: 2

Semester: Fall Semester (1 September 2023-29 January 2024)


Turiba University (Latvia) 

Programs: Business Management, Computer, Tourism, Finance, Marketing

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 5

Deadline of Turiba  15 November 

IBSU deadline for applications: October 31st


Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – IPB (Portugal) 

Programs: Business Management, Computer

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 10 students 



Programs: International Management

Faculties: Business

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2023

Student quota: 2

Semester: Spring Semester


Solbridge (South Korea ) 

Programs: Business Management, Tourism, Finance, Marketing

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 2

Deadline of Solbridge: December 31st

IBSU deadline for applications: November 30th 

Online applications


Narxoz University (Kazakhistan)

Programs: Education/Finance/Accounting/International Relations

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 4

Deadline of Narxoz University    22-November 

IBSU Deadline for Applications: October 31st,


Suleyman Demirel University (Kazakhstan)

Programs: International Relations, Journalism, International Law, Foreign Languages, Translation Studies, IT or information systems, Computers systems Software, Accounting and Audit, Marketing, Finance, Economics, and Management

Deadline for applications: 25 March 

Student quota: 7

Semester: Spring Semester (February-June)


Bimtech Birla University of management  technology  (India)

Programs: 2 Years Masters program in 1) Management, 2) International Business, 3) Retail Management, 4) Insurance Business Management  

Deadline for applications: 30 January 2023  trimester starting on 3 July 2023

Student quota: 8

Semester: Summer (3 July 2023 – 22 December 2023)

The medium of instruction in BIMTECH is English. Knowledge of Management subjects is essential.


Bilateral signed exchange agreement with partner has following conditions. Tuition fee is waived. Student should cover such expenses as: accommodation, tickets to/from country,  meal, other personal expenses.

Kozminski university (Poland)

Programs : Management, Financial Management, Management and Artificial Intelligence

Agreement Type: Bilateral

Students quota : 4 

  : 2 for Fall Semester, 2 for Spring Semester 

Kozminski University Deadline : 15th April 2020

IBSU Deadline :  1st April 2020

Requirements: B1 English

Mykolas Romeris University(Lithuania)

Programs: Tourism Management, Informatics, Digital Marketing, English Philology, Business Management

Agreement type: Bilateral

Students quota: 1 

Mykola Romeris University Deadline: 20th May 2020

IBSU Deadline: 5th May 2020

Requirements: B2 English

Riga International Baltic Academy (Latvia) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, Tourism, Business, Economics, Accounting, International Relations. 

Students quota:2

Riga Deadline: August 10, 2020

IBSU Deadline: July 1, 2020

Requirements: B2 English

EPHEC University College (Belgium) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business and Economics

Agreement type: Bilateral

Students quota: 3

EPHEC University College Deadline: 15th November 2020

IBSU Deadline: 1st December 2020

Requirements: B2 English

Alfred Nobel University (Ukraine)

Spring 2022 Online Exchange Program NOBEL Virtual.

Student Quota: 5 

Spring 2022 Online Exchange Program NOBEL Virtual courses include:

  1. Theoretical Phonetics and Theoretical Grammar of English, 3 credits
  2. International Organization, 5 credits
  3. Macroeconomics, 5 credits
  4. Introduction to Business Management, 5 credits 
  5. International Management, 6 credits.

NOBEL Virtual program duration: 1 semester (February-June)

Application deadline: January 28, 2021 – deadline due 


Rzeszów University of Technology (Poland)

Online Courses
FREE OF CHARGE on-line courses for foreign bachelor and master level students. Detailed programme for each course can be found on:
The regulations of the recruitment and participation is here:…/recruitment…
The recruitment consists of two stages:
1. filling in the form on:
2. sending in scan a set of required documents upon the request from RUT.
Apply shortly the number of students per course is limited! 

Double Degree Programs

Double Degree for Computer Sciences’ Students 

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança- Portugal

Deadline The call for September 2021 is open until April 15th 

 (students should only pay for accreditation – around 100€ and for the diploma – 25€).

No Grant

No Academic/Education Fee

all other expenses must be covered by students. 


University of Deusto (Spain)



Deadline for applications: 7 December 2022

Student quota: 2


To apply for the Exchange program: Please fill out the application google form

click on Student Exchange criteria 

Mobility Process


Applying to Exchange                       

                                                 Visit International Relations Office 215 A building

                                                   Check the exchange Opportunities

                                                 Outgoing Student Application Form

                                                    Fill the form and attach your transcript

                                                 Board Decision

                                                    Wait for the faculty and international Office board decision


Getting ready for departure


                                                    In case you are accepted submit the university-based required documents to IRO

                                                  Visa Application

                                                     Apply to visa after consultation with IRO




                                                    Consult with faculty for registering on the courses at host institution

                                                  Ticket & Insurance

                                                     Buy ticket for the departure; get travel insurance (in Georgia) and health/accidental insurance

                                                    in the country of arrival

                                                  Outgoing Student Contract

                                                     Sign outgoing student contract before departure


Getting back to IBSU

                                                    Recognition of Courses

                                                    Notarized translation

                                                     Get notarized translation of the transcript 

                                                   EQE Submission

                                                     Submit the required documents to the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement

                                                   Accepting the courses 

                                                      Accepted credits are recognized and entered to SIS at IBSU

We do encourage our staff members to visit higher education institutions abroad through various projects. Most of our bilateral memorandums cover staff exchange opportunities as well. Our selection criteria are as follows:

Click on Staff Exchange Criteria

  1. Number of years spent at IBSU
  2. Current academic position
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Field relevancy
  5. Past exchanges (if any)
  6. Academic performance results
  7. Current workload as academic teaching and project coordinating
  8. Faculty’s consent
  9. Rectorate’s consent

Summer School

EPHEC (Belgium)


Credits: 5 ETCS (2 US Credits)

Price: 1200€ including accommodation (8 nights), meals, transport, and activities foreseen in the below program.

Monday 19 June 2023 to Friday 2023 

The Sustainability challenge for small & medium companies is a two-week education program. It is open to International Students at Bachelor’s degree level. This is a 10-day program that offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the Sustainability challenges at stake for SME’s for today and tomorrow. During those exciting and challenging weeks, participants attend lectures/testimonies led by professionals, visit companies, discover Brussels’ sustainability landscape, work in a group with other international students, discover local culture, and establish networks with people from Belgium and around the world.


Summer School & Scholarship

Riga Technical University (Latvia)


Scholarship quota: 10 students

*Scholarships are covering: accommodation, catering (during the working days), studies, educational field trips, and cultural and fun activities that are included in the summer school program.

The participants of the summer schools have to cover travel expenses from the country of origin to the summer school location in Latvia themselves.


IoT of Drones: GPS-Less Navigation awarded with the scholarship 26 June–7 July 2023 Tuition:800 €

Baxter Robot Revival by Deep Learning Application awarded with the scholarships 17 July–28 July 2023 Tuition:800 €

Smart Solutions for Architects: Wooden Architecture example 17 July – 28 July 2023 Tuition:700 €

3 Pillars of Sustainability 24 July–7 August 2023 Tuition:700 €

Global Leadership 14 August–25 August 2023 Tuition:700 €

Culture in Action. Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints and 161 years of Engineering Traditions 14 August–25 August 2023   Tuition:700 €

Intensive English Summer Sessions 7 August–25 August 2023 Tuition:600 €



Duration of the program: 24 July-6 August 2022

Deadline for applications: 15th of May

List of courses: List of Courses

Participation Fee: 650 USD

Further Information:  Further Information



Duration of the program: 4-29 July

Deadline for applications: 23rd of June

List of courses: List of Courses

Participation Fee: 700 EUR

Further Information: Further Information



Duration of the program: 4-15 July

Deadline for applications: 22 May (with housing); 1 June (without housing)

List of courses: List of Courses

Further Information: Further Information