Opportunity: Mykolas Romeris Summer University

We are happy to present you our Mykolas Romeris Summer University 2019 which will take place from the from the 22nd of July to the 8th of August, 2019!

This year Summer University is dedicated to 4 fields: communication, culture, heritage and security so the main program will include various lectures during the morning sessions, and (practical part) visits to social institutions or projects in the afternoon sessions from Monday to Thursday also excursions to various Lithuanian attraction points on Weekends!

It is a perfect opportunity to widespread world view, make friends and eventually get to know Lithuania! Also please keep in mind that MRU Summer University is designed for all Bachelor and Master students from all around the world, so a lot of connections and friendships are ahead.

With the detailed program You can introduce yourself here: http://summer.mruni.eu/?page_id=24

Regarding the applications please note that early birds can only be made until 30th May 2018 – NECESSARY FOR VISA REQUIRING COUNTRIES

The deadline for non-requiring participants is settled to the 10th of June. Late birds can always contact us (nevertheless note that the number of places will be limited and that late birds are not applicable for visa requiring countries).

Application formhttps://bit.ly/2FYtR7d

There are 2 options of durations to choose from:

  • 1 week
  • 3 weeks

And also 2 options of program type:

  • Only educational program (includes accommodation on campus and meals during weekdays, study materials, field visits, coffee breaks, teaching activities) (Weekend trips are not included)
  • Full package program (includes accommodation on campus and meals during weekdays, study materials, field visits, coffee breaks, teaching activities. Weekend trips are included)

Considering from which University and the program type and its duration prices varies: Prices are listed above:

(Prices are calculated for the ISIC card holders).

3 weeks1 week
Weekdays only: 600 eur (500 eur*); + (optional) Weekends package: 200 eur  Weekdays only:  250 eur (200 eur*) + (optional) Weekend package: 100 eur
* from Partner universities

Also, please keep in mind that we have special prices for Partner Universities + strategic partner countries’ (Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Universities).

The extra special price for 3 weeks is 400 euros. *

The extra special price for 1 week is 100 euros. *

*Please note that the extra motivational letter is required.

We are looking forward to welcome You at 2019 MRU Summer University!

For more detail please contact iro@ibsu.edu.ge  or visit your faculty.