Mariam Tsiskadze – a student of School Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Participated in The Erasmus+ Exchange Program of the Akademia Mazowiecka w Płocku.

“From the very beginning of my student life, I set a goal of studying abroad and worked hard to achieve that goal. I found out about given exchange program from the academic staff of IBSU and decided to take part in it. The selection process was rather complex, where a great attention was paid to student’s academic excellence, as well as personal skills and characteristics and informal education. Since many students were taking part in it, the selection process was quite competitive, but I managed to successfully pass these stages, earn an Erasmus grant, and continue studying in Europe.

IBSU helped me to realize my potential as a student. Academic staff of IBSU was always ready to assist me in gathering all the necessary documentation for the program and in other related issues.

Erasmus program was the beginning of the new stage of my life and an important and a pleasant challenge for me. Studying and living in a different country had its own difficulties, but the friendly environment that I found in the host university helped me overcome these difficulties. The study process and student life were quite diverse, busy, and interesting.

Studying abroad helped me clearly see the differences that exist between the Georgian and European education systems and after the completion of the program, I was sure that I wanted to continue my studies in Europe and I would use all my resources to achieve this goal. To all the students wishing to study abroad, my advice would be to always stay motivated and do their best.”