Mariam Mekhrishvili – a student of School Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Participated in The Erasmus+ Exchange Program of the Akademia Mazowiecka w Płocku.

“Participation in the Erasmus program was not unexpected for me. Since childhood, I dreamed of participating in an exchange program and getting this experience. #IBSU provided me with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to participate in the Erasmus exchange program and achieve my goals.

As you know, everything starts with a dream. Then starts fighting for this dream. This is exactly what happened in my case. From a very young age, I set myself the goal of being a participant in the exchange program, and I achieved this goal after a lot of hard work. Although there were many obstacles in this process, and one of the biggest obstacles for me was the pandemic and I almost gave up, I still sent the documents and achieved my goal.

Of course, participating in this program was not easy either, as the whole process turned out to be quite tiresome and stressful. #IBSU helped me a lot during this time. As an inexperienced student who did not know anything about these processes, the university supported me completely and made the process quite easy for me. Despite everything, I knew from the beginning that it would be a great experience for me, and it turned out to be so. First of all, I learned to fight with difficulties, develop myself and rearrange priorities. I had to do all this on my own, which made me grow in different ways. With all this, I am sure that this experience will play an important role in my career advancement. I think this program developed me a lot and convinced me that I should never say no to new challenges.