IBSU Students Visited Siedlce University In Poland

The SPINNAKER project has been organized under the Marketing program of the International Black Sea University based on the initiative of Professor Tornike Khoshtaria. Within the framework of the project, IBSU students visited Siedlce University in Poland.

Along with Georgian students, about 60 university students from various European countries participated in the project, including 9 students from the International Black Sea University. All participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main elements of brand creation based on Polish experience. The brand management training course included intensive preparatory online lectures, workshops, and various trips to different companies and manufacturing plants.

At the end of the project, Georgian students delivered presentations on the topical issues of brand image formation and brand capital management. They also established close ties with their foreign peers and acquired practical and academic experience, which will help their future career advancement.

The project was financed by the European Union under the Knowledge Education Development program, including funding of 730 euros for the winning students.