Davit Chikobava a student of School of Computer Science and Architecture Participated in The Erasmus+ Exchange Program of The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

“I have been a computer science student at #IBSU for three years, although this story began even earlier. Back when I was applying for university. From the beginning, I chose #IBSU because it is a space of opportunities and challenges. I knew it would definitely give me the necessary knowledge and motivation. #IBSU does not disappoint: a window appeared to study in my dream country, Portugal for a year, and I decided to seize the opportunity.

I am a Georgian and an #IBSU student: it is clear that my life is based on European values, and of course, the goal of Erasmus to help students continue their studies in European universities is extremely attractive to me. You also become a member of something bigger, part of the Erasmus family. In short: Once #Erasmus, always #Erasmus! The process is difficult, but it is an honor and an experience at the same time, which is not worth missing. The university will give you knowledge and opportunity, so the only thing that I can do is to remind you: if I can succeed, you must succeed too! The main thing is desire, fearlessness, and perseverance.

It is necessary to have close communication with the university and live an active university life, just so you will never miss information about interesting programs and projects. This is how a person grows, and if the European way of life has taught me anything, it is that personal development is a duty as well as a human right.”