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international relations office


General Information

  • Admission of a foreign citizen/stateless person who has obtained complete general education or its equivalent in a foreign country;
  • Admission of a citizen of Georgia who has obtained complete general education or its equivalent abroad.

*If you have graduated from high school in Georgia (regardless of your citizenship), you’ll have to go through the Unified National Examinations in order to be enrolled at IBSU.

International Black Sea University is an accredited and authorized higher education institution in Georgia, and offers 25 degree programs in English in three cycles: first (bachelor’s), second (master’s) and third (Ph.D.) in Education and Humanities, Computer Technologies and Engineering, Business Management and Social Sciences. The list of the programs and fees are available here.

The academic year starts generally in September and ends in mid-July (the dates vary for MA and Ph.D students). We strongly suggest the students to start in Fall semester rather than in Spring Semester in order to avoid timetable conflicts.

The academic calendar is available here.

The deadline for application process for Fall semester is mid of June and for Spring semester is mid of November (the dates vary for MA and Ph.D students). The enrollment process normally takes around 2 months as National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia need  to process the application, recognize the education received abroad and obtain the right to study at Georgian HEIs.


Candidates who hold an appropriate graduation certificate can apply for the relevant degree program. They will need to prove their English Language proficiency required for each cycle (degree). There may be some program-specific requirements as well.

Georgian citizens who completed at least one semester of their studies (staying for at least 75 days) abroad are also subject to the international admissions process (if they have successfully passed at least 1 course there).

Admission Process

According to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia about the rule of enrollment of foreign students, in order to define the proficiency English language, all applicants are required to take skype interview regardless their knowledge or proof of English language (the interview is done by the School of Languages at IBSU). Based on interview result, the application process may start. The accepted students are required to pay the application fee of 500 $ (please see the details in the application form p.4). The applicant has to submit all necessary documentations to IR Office.

      The list of required documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Letter to the EQE
  3. Bank receipt of the EQE fee for recognition of qualification acquired abroad
  4. English Language examination result
  5. Health report
  6. CV (Resume) in English
  7. 4 photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  8. Motivation letter (for MA applicants)
  9. Research proposal (for Ph.D applicants)
  10. Reference Letters (optional) – 2 copies
    Documents to be translated and notarized:
  11. Passport (first page) – 2 copies
  12. *Birth Certificate and/or Passport Copy of Legal Guardian (under age of 18)
  13. Diploma / Transcript – 2 copies
  14. Surnamed changed?
  15. *Residential documentation for the last 2 years (only for Georgian citizens) – 2 copies


There are following steps for admission process:

  1. Acceptance of the application
  2. Preparation of Documentation
  3. Submitting the documents to the EQE for recognition the education acquired abroad
  4. Recognition Letter from EQE
  5. Minister’s Order about the granting the right to study in Georgian HEI
  6. Enrollment Order written by the Rector
  7. Acceptance Letter (issued upon request)
  8. Administrative/Academic registration at university


Student Visa

After the student has received official acceptance letter from IBSU, the applicant will have to obtain student visa for long-term stay in Georgia before their arrival.

For up-to-date information regarding visa issues, please visit the Georgian Consular website. You may also check with the website of your country’s embassy in Georgia for further details.

Visa Information

List of countries, Check if your country is free of visa

List of countries, Check if you are required to have visa before coming to Georgia

Student Residence Permit

Student visa is the prerequisite for obtaining the student residence permit. After getting the student visa, the student should apply for student residence permit immediately.

Required documents for student residence permit are the following:

1. Passport (notarized translation);
2. Student certificate (issued from the university/faculty/unit indicating the study period – starting and
ending date);
3. Bank account statement – 3800 GEL (students own account or relative’s account who is citizen of
Georgia/residing legally);
4. Calculate legally residing days (An International student shall be obliged to apply to the
Justice house with the request of issuing a residence permit in Georgia before 40 Calendar
days, before the expiration of the lawful stay in Georgia.)
5. For applying residence card prolongation – 7 Calendar days before the expiration of the lawful
stay in Georgia
6. Application fee – 210 GEL (paid at Public Service House, the receipt should be submitted together
with other documents);
7. Application form (filled out at PSH);
8. Photos (to be taken at PSH).
9. Copy of Visa


Applicants will have to visit the Public Service Hall personally to submit all the required documents.

Payment Information

For tuition fee payments:

if you are abroad now please use USD account requisites and transfer the amount in USD, if you are in Georgia, please use GEL account requisites and pay in GEL.


International Black Sea University has an agreement with a male only student dormitory with comfortable living conditions: three meals a day, medical assistance, lounge, and rooms with high speed internet and technical assistance.

Address: #87 Chkondideli , Tbilisi/Georgia (next to Kikvidze Park)

Contact Information: +995 577 397 881