Vika Sheverashvili – a student of Business School Participated in The Erasmus+ Exchange Program of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau.

“From the years when I started thinking about the university, I was determined to become a student at #IBSU. No other university even mentioned me in the list of preferred universities. I still remember the emotion I felt at the moment of enrollment. The emotion that was related to the pursuit of my goal and I think my decision, Becoming a member of the #IBSU family was the best step in my life.

From my first year as a student, I made it my goal to take advantage of the greatest opportunity that #IBSU has to offer to all of its motivated and determined students. It was to use the exchange program, and now that this goal has been achieved, I share with you my impression of one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Zwickau.

Thanks to #IBSU for giving me the opportunity to study fully funded at Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, to seek new adventures, to meet many interesting people, to discover the cultures of different countries around the world, to get an education, in a place that I dreamed of since childhood, and that’s not all , everything is still ahead.

To everyone who is now choosing your life path and taking an important step in your life, I definitely recommend you to become a part of one big #IBSU family and take advantage of all the opportunities that my university, yours and ours offer.