kristina Chirkova – a student of School Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Participated in The Erasmus+ Exchange Program of the Canary Islands.

“Taking part in the student exchange program was an unexpected adventure for me. Initially, I entered the competition just to see what would happen. I never dreamed I would win a grant on my first try and get the chance to travel to the Canary Islands. Being selected filled me with overwhelming gratitude and excitement.

This journey has been truly remarkable. It has broadened my horizons, exposing me to new cultures, viewpoints, and ways of living. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to fully immerse myself in such a diverse environment. Through this program, I’ve acquired valuable insights and skills that will undoubtedly propel me toward future success.

Although the journey was not without its challenges, the support I received from IBSU was invaluable from start to finish. Every obstacle I faced served as a learning experience, pushing me to develop and adapt continuously. This experience has taught me resilience, determination, and the importance of seizing opportunities when they present themselves.

Looking back, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the exchange program. It has been a transformative experience that has enriched my personal and academic life in countless ways.”