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Students and staff members who are willing to apply for any exchange program are welcome to contact


Please note that:  currently, We have only Biletaral Exchange students opportunities with the below universities. Erasmus+ Mobility is updated throughout the year after February 2022. 


Bilateral: means that your tuition fee is only waived/covered by the Host University. You must cover your travel, accommodation, and other expenses. 

Erasmus+: means your all expenses will be covered and you will have a stipend for living in the host country 

Please note that student are not eligible to take more than 30 credits in one semester and can't register in home and host university smiltaniously 

Please note that students who are on exchange in framework of biletaral and Erasmus must pay their tuition fee. 


To apply for the Exchange program: Please fill out the application google form 


Please be aware that the university you are applying to may change its deadlines or cancel the opportunity according to their regulations. 


Erasmus+ Universities 


Please Note that, IBSU is waiting from partner university for the Erasmus+ exchange mobility in 2022. 





Deadline for applications: 9 June





Deusto University (Spain)

Programs: List of Courses

Deadline for applications: 26 May 2022

Student quota: 4

Country: Spain

Semester: Fall (September-December)




Duration of the program: 24 July-6 August 2022

Deadline for applications: 15th of May

List of courses: List of Courses

Participation Fee: 650 USD

Further Information:  Further Information




Duration of the program: 4-29 July

Deadline for applications: 23rd of June

List of courses: List of Courses

Participation Fee: 700 EUR

Further Information: Further Information




Duration of the program: 4-15 July

Deadline for applications: 22 May (with housing); 1 June (without housing)

List of courses: List of Courses

Further Information: Further Information




Kozminski University (Poland)

Programs: Management, Marketing, Economics, Law

 List of Courses 

Deadline for applications: 1 May 2022

Student quota: 10

Country: Poland

Semester: Fall Semester (September-February 2022-2023)



HTW Dresden (Germany)

Programs: Computer and Geoscience in Archeology

Faculties: Informatics, Mathematics, and Spatial Information

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2022

Student quota: 2

Country: Germany

Semester: Winter Semester (September-February)


UCLL University of Applied Sciences  Leuven Limburg (Belgium)


Faculties: Management, Technology, Social Work, Teacher Education

Deadline for applications: 1 May 2022

Student quota: 2

Country: Belgium

Semester: Fall Semester (19 September 2022 – 5 February 2023)


Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) 


Faculties: Human and Social Studies, Public Governance and Business, Law School, Public Security Academy

Deadline for applications: 29 April 2022

Student quota: 2

Country: Lithuania

Semester: Fall Semester (1 September 2022-29 January 2023)


Lodz University (Poland)

Programs: All programs

Faculties: All  

Deadline for applications: 17 June 2022

Student quota: 15

Country: Poland

Semester: Fall Semester (1 October-Middle of February 2022-2023)




Programs: International Management

Faculties: Management

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2022

Student quota: 2

Country: France

Semester: Fall Semester (September-December)


Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – IPB (Portugal) 

Programs: Business Management, Computer

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: unlimited

Deadline of IPB: 25.05.2022

IBSU deadline for applications: 23.05.2022

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215 


Solbridge (South Korea ) 

Programs: Business Management, Tourism, Finance, Marketing

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 2

Deadline of Solbridge: December 31st

IBSU deadline for applications: November 30th 

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215


Turiba University (Latvia) 

Programs: Business Management, Computer, Tourism, Finance, Marketing

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 5

Deadline of Turiba  15 November 

IBSU deadline for applications: October 31st

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215


Narxoz University (Kazakhistan)

Programs: Education/Finance/Accounting/International Relations

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 4

Deadline of Narxoz University    22-November 

IBSU Deadline for Applications: October 31st,

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215


Siauliai University (Lithuania)

Programs: Economics/ Informatics/Business, Management

Bilateral: The only Tuition Funded

Students Quota:2

Deadline of Siauliai University (Lithuanian) November 1,

IBSU deadline for applications: October 20,

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215


Vistula University (Poland) 


  • Economics.
  • Computer Science/Engineering.
  • International Relations.
  • Tourism 
  • Philology

Bilateral: Only Tuition Fee Funded

Students Quota: 2

Deadline of Vistula University:  15 November 

IBSU deadline for applications: October 31st, 

Contact: IRO Office A Bldg. Room 215


EPHEC University College (Belgium) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business and Economics

Agreement type: Bilateral

Students quota: 3

EPHEC University College Deadline: 15th November 

IBSU Deadline: 1st November 

Requirements: B2 English

Contact: IRO office A Bldg. Room 215


Cracow University of Economics (Poland) 

Programs: International Marketing Management, International Business and Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting

Agreement type: Bilateral

Students quota: 2

CUE Deadline 30th November 

IBSU Deadline: 10st November 

Requirements: B2 English

Contact: IRO office A Bldg. Room 215


Double Degree Programs

Double Degree for Computer Sciences' Students 

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança- Portugal

Deadline The call for September 2021 is open until April 15th 

 (students should only pay for accreditation – around 100€ and for the diploma – 25€).

No Grant

No Academic/Education Fee

all other expenses must be covered by students. 


Virtual Exchange Opportunity 


Alfred Nobel University ( is happy to extend an invitation to our partner universities students to participate in Spring 2022 Online Exchange Program NOBEL Virtual.

We invite five students from each partner university to choose one course from the list below and join the classes at the Alfred Nobel University for free.


Rzeszów University of Technology

Online Courses

FREE OF CHARGE on-line courses for foreign bachelor and master level students. Detailed programme for each course can be found on:

The regulations of the recruitment and participation is here:

The recruitment consists of two stages:

1. filling in the form on:

2. sending in scan a set of required documents upon the request from RUT.

Apply shortly the number of students per course is limited!

Spring 2022 Online Exchange Program NOBEL Virtual courses include:

  1. Theoretical Phonetics and Theoretical Grammar of English, 3 credits
  2. International Organization, 5 credits
    3. Macroeconomics, 5 credits
  3. Introduction to Business Management, 5 credits 
  4. International Management, 6 credits.


NOBEL Virtual program duration: 1 semester (February-June)

Application deadline: January 28, 2021 - deadline due 


If your students are interested, please fill in the application form:


Duesto University (Spain) 

Student Quota - 5 


Deadline: December 17, 2021



Exchange Requirement Documents to be sent:

- Plan of studies of the Bachelor and Master the student is enrolled in at IBSU

- Transcript of records in English with the list and grades of the course units the student completed. 

- Curriculum Vitae

- Passport

- B1 




If you are an IBSU student and would like to become an exchange student abroad, please fill out the google form

Please be advised that our selection criteria are as follows:

1.      Language proficiency: TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or equivalent score report. If not: evaluated by the School of Languages (for a certain fee)- University B2 certificate. 

2.      Field relevancy

  1. for the exchange program announced;
  2. if there are any priorities set by the Rector’s office for a specific educational program;
  3. the number of opportunities for the given educational program: if there are not many HEIs that certain IBSU programs can go, they will be given priority.

3.      Cycle: Lower cycle normally have higher priority

4.      Year of study: Sphmore and Junior has higher priority 

5.      CGPA: higher the better- 80 above has priority 

6.      Exchange experience: priority will be on those who have not been on exchange at the given cycle

7.      Recommendation(s): from the lecturer(s) and academic advisor: on a special form

8.      Involvement: in various social, educational, and/or scientific projects: documented by certificates/references



We do encourage our staff members to visit higher education institutions abroad. Most of our bilateral memorandums cover staff exchange opportunities as well. Our selection criteria are as follows:

  1. Number of years spent at IBSU
  2. Current academic position
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Field relevancy
  5. Past exchanges (if any)
  6. Academic performance results
  7. Current workload
  8. Funding method
  9. Faculty’s consent
  10. Rectorate’s consent


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