International Fellowship Program


International Fellowship named after Alimardan Bay Topchubasov

ADA University offers full and partial fellowships to outstanding international students enrolled in our programs. A full ADA University Fellowship covers tuition, books and accommodation. Fellowship recipients are expected to cover all other expenses, including student fees, utilities, medical checkups and plane tickets. In order to retain this support, undergraduate fellows must meet the minimal annual GPA of 2.5. Graduate fellows must obtain a minimum semester GPA OF 3.0 for continuation of fellowship.

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Program available are the following:

Undergraduate programs:

Business Administration


International studies

Public Affairs

Computer Science

IT and Systems Engineering

Graduate Programs:

Diplomacy and International Affairs

Public Policy

Full-time, International MBA

Executive MBA



Prague Summer Schools 2015

Application process for Prague Summer Schools 2015 is opened!

A one week summer school opportunities are offered by NGO SCHOLA EMPIRICA. Summer Schools are organized for undergraduate and graduate students from different fields of studies.

There are the following Schools open to the interested applicants:



There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about the real nature of Beijing’s political and economic system. If you are a student interested in finding out what the real China is and where it is headed in the near future, SCHOLA EMPIRICA is pleased to invite you to the Summer School on China: A World Superpower - Myth or Reality?

One of the leading China expert John W. Garver, Professor of International Affairs and Program Director for East Asia Study Abroad at The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech, USA will be one of the key speakers at the upcoming Summer School 2015 (TBC).

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The increasing globalization of economic relations, technology transfer, social and cultural interactions is currently viewed as an unstoppable force. Although global economic growth has lifted the standards of life in many countries, it has failed to reduce poverty in the least developed parts of the world. The question here is how to address the complex issue of development cooperation, so that even failures would lead to constructive and working solutions. How can we learn to try and fail, and fail better?  

You will have an opportunity to discuss the reality of international development cooperation with Daniel Ogola, born and educated in Kenya, the founder of the Matibabu Foudation.

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The Summer School invites students to discuss the ideas brought about by the revolutionary approach to education with the faculty members, academics, researchers and professionals, as well as fellow students of various academic and cultural backgrounds.

Surrounded by the beauty of Prague, we will exchange ideas and seek answers to the questions: What is the purpose of education in the modern world? How shall the modern education system look like? What would be the values, content and structure of education?

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Whether we date the beginning of globalization to ancient times, the Middle Ages, the industrial revolution era or the post-World War II period, it is obvious that in the past few decades globalization has had a profound impact on business, finance, politics, culture and last but not least the consumption patterns of citizens of both the developed and developing countries.

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Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology - Czech Republic, Prague


The organizer of European Summer/Spring Institute, SCHOLA EMPIRICA has teamed up with professors from the University of Aberdeen and Warwick University to launch a summer course for international students interested in the application of psychological approaches and research methods to criminal justice.

The program aims to invite students of different backgrounds (psychology, legal studies, criminology and sociology), who are interested in the interrelatedness of crime, law and psychology and are willing to combine a challenging academic environment with the holiday excitement.

Students of CLP2015 will not only have an opportunity to listen to professors from the UK’s best Universities, but will also share their ideas and interests with practitioners during guest lectures and site visits. Last, but not least the participants of CLP2015 will have a chance to meet new friends and explore the magnificence of Prague during special events organized by the CLP2015 staff.

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Summer School on European Affairs in Prague, Czech Republic

The  Prague´s NGO SCHOLA EMPIRICA is pleased to announce  the forthcoming Prague Summer Schools 2015 and is currently accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students of various academic backgrounds who wish to learn and enjoy one week (4 - 11 July 2015) of their holidays in one of the most beautiful cultural and historical capitals in Central Europe - Prague.

European Summer Institute on the Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels, is one of the opportunities offered by the organizers of the program.

The content of the program is oriented to deepen the knowledge on the current and future EU developments, enlargement, policy making, economic affairs. For further information and details with regard to the application process visit thefollowing link:

Summer School on European Politics: Interest vs. Culture?" is another opportunity to explore European Politics in different perspective. This School is to ts Europe affect the identities and values, engage them in rituals, provide Europeans with symbols and metaphors they live by. In this perpsective it is important to visit a beautiful city of Prague and discuss the ways in which these identities and symbols differ across Europe as well as find some universal features of European political culture.

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Student Exchange with CALU

International Black Sea University provides you with a one semester exchange opportunity at California University of Pennsylvania (CALU), California, Pennsylvania, USA ( No tuition fee is paid to the host university as usual.

Study, exchange your ideas, and gain wonderful experience in a multicultural society.

For further information, please pay a visit to your faculty international relations representative!

Student Exchange with SVC

One semester exchange opportunity at Saint Vincent College (SVC), Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA. No tuition fee is paid the host university as usual.

Another exchange opportunity in the US where you can further develop your knowledge, personal and employability skills.

For further information, please pay a visit to your faculty international relations representative!

SDU Summer School in Almaty

Suleyman Demirel University invites students to participate in a summer school - “Discover Kazakhstan: The Country in the Heart of Eurasia”. The School encompasses three components: lectures, Kazakh language classes and excursions. During the Summer School a variety of teaching formats will be used. The sessions will be conducted in the form of classical lectures, workshops, roundtables, field trips and excursions in order to impart and enhance active interaction and that will enable participants get to know their fellow students and have fun during their stay at SDU. 

Deadline for all applicants is 25 March 2015.

For further information please visit the following web-site: